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Business Intelligence

Data has become the new gold. Every organization strives for data, and data based decision making has never been so relied upon before.

No organization could take data in it’s raw form, and draw insights upon straight away. It needs lot of integration, and scrubbing to convert to some understandable format primarily done by ETL team, which we would discuss about later.

Once data has been converted to some meaningful format, reports or dashboards etc are built on top to present them to business. This reporting layer is the responsibility of a BI Developer aka Reporting Developer.

A Dashboard look like this below


What does a Reporting developer responsibilities look like

  • Meetings : with mostly Business Analysts about new or existing reporting requirements. New reports might be for brand new data that was made just available or might be converting some existing excel sheets to proper reports and automate them. It also include asking what to develop in specific, how many reports, delivery, timelines, priorities, any special formulae in the excel sheets, testing, sign off, primary business users, access restrictions to reports
  • Analysis : Understand the data available for reporting, data lineage, ETL transformations applied, data volumes, any need of aggregation, any missing data. This analysis mostly is carried on the Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW)
  • Development : Using what ever reporting tool (s) available and approved by the organization, develop reports. Sometimes BI developers might have to build a semantic layer on top of EDW to cater for some requirements not achieved by EDW. Once basic reports are built, organization themes, standards, templates, colors, fonts, and visuals as asked by business would be applied on top.
  • Testing : Demos to business, and making any changes. Changes could be as simple as changing the font, as complicated as adding some transformations in the reporting itself which the ETL couldn’t cater for, or moving some visual element by 2px (yes, these are the most difficult ones to achieve the right user experience and if the reports go to board level, they are an absolute must)
  • Promotion : to further environments following organization policies

Some Common Alternative names for Reporting developer role : Business Intelligence Developer, Dashboard Developer

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